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A Guide To Social Media Images (Infographic)


A Guide To Social Media Images

At Original Ginger, we know how difficult it can be for businesses to keep track of all of the latest social media trends and platforms. Currently, there are at least five major platforms that you should be considering for your business: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and yes…. even Pinterest! But each and every one of these social media platforms requires some savvy design from YOU if you really want to capture the attention of new fans and followers.

The problem is that each one requires varying sizes of branded imagery to show off your brand, products, and services. It’s getting tough to keep track of it all.

Well, we’ve got a tool to save you some time and keep the information all in one easily referenced place. It’s our “Social Media Image Guide Infographic”. This “hot” little jpg includes references to imagery you’ll need for all of the major social media platforms mentioned above. Feel free to share it around with people you think might benefit. We only ask that you keep the infographic intact and unaltered, with proper credit back to us.

Social Media Image Size Infographic

As you create your images keep in mind that some social media platforms require that the images be either a jpg or a png. So if you’re trying to upload a GIF or TIFF and it’s not working, that may be why. Also, bear in mind as you upload social media avatars/icons that you should check to ensure that it looks good in all the various sizes. For example, although the Facebook profile avatar is sized at 200px by 200px, Facebook uses it in the news feed sized at 32px by 32px. Does your avatar still look good that small?

We hope you find this information helpful as you get creative and have fun with your social media profiles. Imagery is a powerful tool if you use it effectively to represent your brand online. Getting frustrated trying to do it yourself? Get some help from a digital agency like ours to hook you up across the board with a captivating social media presence.

Happy designing all!

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Lisa Ostrowercha is a co-founder and Creative Director of Original Ginger, a Digital Agency located in the heart of historic Fort Langley, BC, Canada. We combine big agency expertise with boutique quality service to assist businesses with strategic digital marketing plans, brand discovery, website design and development, video production, marketing, social media, and more.


  1. Thanks for putting this reference all together.

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    I have worked for a little while in a social media start-up but these tips are something that can be used by anyone and it’s really effective. I just tried few of them. Thank you very much.

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