It’s Like Riding A Bike!

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Content Marketing

Blogs, e-newsletters, infographics, social media – your online marketing options are rapidly expanding, and changing. And we haven’t even mentioned email marketing, e-books, case studies, how-to guides and video! Are you able to keep up? Do you understand the nuances of writing for SEO and an online audience? We do, and we’re here to help.

Fresh Valuable Content

Engaging headlines? All the right keywords? Effective calls to action? That’s what we do as part of creating an online presence for you that presses all the right buttons for readers and search engines.Think of your website as the hub of a bicycle wheel and tools like email marketing, blogging, social media, print, and video production as the spokes that support the wheel to move the bicycle forward. These spokes represent the marketing initiatives that increase your SEO and drive traffic to the hub!

Fresh, valuable content is a key element of content marketing, and we help you achieve this by including a branded email template and personalized email marketing dashboard in every premium web design package. We’ll show you how email marketing can be part of a marketing automation plan.

We care about providing our clients with as much value as possible, which is why we include these valuable tools, and lots of helpful tips, as part of a tailor made content strategy for your business.

We can also take things a step further with ongoing content marketing services that will get your website noticed, including tapping into our pool of creative, talented writers and designers to act as an extension of your marketing team.

As content marketing experts, we make sure your online marketing efforts are on target, on brand and highly visible to customers searching for your product or service. With your brand and website at its core, our strategic approach helps to drive traffic to your website, keeping readers engaged and encouraging customers to reach out and start a conversation.

Speaking of conversations, we’re ready to talk content marketing strategy whenever you are. Give us a call to discuss how you can make the most of the opportunities that new technologies and platforms are offering. We look forward to it!

Content Marketing Touchpoints

Marketing Automation

Streamline Your Workflow. When it makes good business sense. Simple. Effective. Powerful.

How Does Marketing Automation Fit In?

At a time when everyone is pushing for more personalized marketing, how does automation fit in? That’s a fair question, and we’ve got the answer for you.

We understand that business owners may not have a ton of budget, or an army of workers, so we recommend ways to automate your marketing workflows that don’t detract from a “personal touch”, don’t take rocket science to use, and don’t cost a fortune. Streamlining your marketing processes can decrease the administrative burden on your employees without decreasing your marketing efforts.

How does it work?

Let us paint you a picture. Imagine you’ve got a contact form on your website, and someone fills it in. Where does the information go? What process is in place to share relevant information with them following sign-up? How will this close a sale? How will this help you build your brand?

What if we told you that contact info could be streamlined straight through to a specific subscriber list? What if we said that strategic email campaigns could be triggered to auto send whenever someone signs up? What if we told you this was all possible and you didn’t have to lift a finger?! This is just one example of how marketing can be effectively automated.

Where Should It Be Used?

Marketing automation can apply to custom website design, content marketing, social media and other online marketing initiatives. We introduce marketing automation throughout the lifecycle of client projects, wherever it may make good business sense to do so. We’ll help you understand how it works, recommend which tools are the best to use, and then implement it on your behalf. You’ll be able to streamline, automate, and measure your marketing efforts.

We provide marketing automation recommendations as part of our web design and content marketing service packages. Call us at 778.298.1966 or Toll Free 1.855.298.8650 for more information.