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Logo Design & Brand Identity

Your brand identity is your face to the market. It’s your messaging, your logo and all other visual aspects of how you present yourself. It needs to tell your story and connect with people in a way that is meaningful for them and for your business.

Logo design

Your logo will likely be the most visible element of your brand. It’s an image that people will easily recognize and that will visually represent your business. Many people mistakenly think their logo is their entire brand identity – and while it’s certainly an important part of it, it’s by no means the only one. We can develop and design a logo for you as a standalone project, or as part of a more comprehensive brand discovery.

Brand messaging

As part of your brand identity, you need to clearly define what your key messages are, and how you’re going to communicate them. Are you the cheapest? The best quality? The fastest? Whatever it is that sets you apart from the competition, you need to be able to deliver this message to the market in a consistent and highly effective way. That’s what brand messaging is all about. It takes direction from your brand strategy to formulate carefully constructed messaging that takes into account your mission, vision, target audience and desired outcomes.


Your brand story can create a direct emotional connection with your customers. People who relate to your story – what you stand for, what you do, or what you offer – will choose your brand over your competitor. Better yet, they’ll be more likely to stick with you over the long term. And a great story gives your business a personality that makes it harder for others to copy. Whether you’re a small company bursting with ideas or an established business that’s growing quickly, you’ve got a story to tell. Your story starts with you, but we can help you refine it so that people want to explore, share and engage with it.

Graphic design and illustration

From stationery and banners to tradeshow booths and company t-shirts, there are a lot of ways that graphic design can play a part in your brand image. Our team of talented graphic designers can support you with one-off designs, or develop a broader design approach in line with your brand strategy and visual identity.


The right picture can make the difference between a customer engaging with you or walking away. There is no way to make a better first impression than with the visual power of quality photography. Let us help you harness this power. We’ve managed hundreds of photo shoots over the years, helping clients to make the best possible impression with great visuals as part of a custom website design or a Quick Start Small Business website package. Remember, photos can also be deployed for use in other marketing materials so they are well worth the investment.

Video Production

We live in a visual world, where video and imagery captures audiences faster than text alone. Video production and motion graphics are a fantastic way to build and share your brand image while accelerating brand growth, and demonstrating your unique product or service. It’s also a great internal brand management tool that can be used to inform or train investors and employees. Plus, social media makes it easy to share your videos and deliver a compelling and authentic brand message quickly and efficiently.