Japidi Energy Ltd.
Redefining Space Heating.

Chilliwack-based Japidi Energy is transforming the space heating industry, one stylish, clean and safe heater at a time. Japidi’s electric units deliver targeted infrared heat cost-effectively, in stark contrast to the noisy, high-maintenance gas-powered units they are often replacing. Highly versatile, these stylish and functional heaters can be used for residential, commercial or industrial heating purposes.

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A New Look.

Japidi approached Original Ginger for a total refresh of their visual brand identity, including photography, print design, a custom website design with e-commerce, and email marketing tools. We saw the key challenge as a need for the brand to appeal to a diverse customer base, given the multitude of uses for Japidi’s products, from heating home patios to acting as temperature regulators in industrial processes.

Aiming High.

Japidi’s branding and website are built around strong, eye-catching visuals that reinforce Japidi heaters as a high-end product, delivering both style and performance. With a buyer’s guide, and separate e-commerce pages for retail and wholesale customers, the website addresses the needs of different customers, while engagement is enhanced with the ‘Hot Topics’ blog and the custom email marketing tools we developed for Japidi.